'kishar' reviews

'On the surface, Kishar is a journey through the natural soundscapes of Scotland and Iceland, but below the surface, it’s much more than that. In a literal sense, the album investigates the properties of what lies beneath the earth, from geyser to lava spring. But it also exposes the fury of noise. The closer one comes to a waterfall or volcano, the more one realizes that nature possesses the ability to drown out all competing sound. Kishar draws ever closer to the edge, curiously peering, dangling and finally falling in.

Luca Nasciuti's soundscapes scrape and roar, rumble and surge, the polar opposite of what most expect to encounter in field recordings. Their internal dynamism sets Kishar apart from others of its genre. The original recordings have been altered in a manner that mirrors humanity’s effect on the land, while the raw emotion reflects the volatility of the current debate. Only the opening seconds of flowing water seem pure before the pollution sets in. In this encounter, we are the noise.'

Full review accessible here: A Closer Listen

'A thrilling, shape-shifting 'journey through the noise of nature'

Lend Me Your Ears

'Nasciuti pushes his sounds along a series of interlocking pathways and achieves a certain strong dynamic of change. It possesses great beauty and clarity'.

Full review accessible here: The Sound Projector